A bit of a revamp…

Just a quickie blog post tonight to fill you in on some housekeeping bits and bobs.

I’ve had a revamp (am finally blonde!) and NWA40’s also had a little revamp as you might have noticed.

First new thing is that it is now available to view on Bloglovin’ (whatever the Goddamn heck THAT is) where the name is *drum roll* nowweare40. So please come and say hello on that.

Plus if you sometimes miss a blog post and would like regular updates you can now subscribe to get them straight into your inbox. Check out the new ‘suscribe’ box over on the right of the page why don’tcha?

And last but not least, check these lovely new photos by top photographer Scarlet Page.


Scarlet usually works with the likes of Paul McCartney, Keith Richards, Dave Grohl and Robbie Williams. But this week she was stuck with me, prancing about like a massive div.

Still, despite that I think they turned out pretty well!


Have a look at her portfolio here at scarletpage.com and maybe treat yourself to one of her beautiful books or prints of bona fide musical icons.

We’re keeping with the musical theme for at least another 24 hours. Tomorrow sees the return of some very famous 40 something pop-stars AND a special blog post dedicated to them, so stay tuned for that one.

Thanks for reading guys. Hope you like the new look.

Some of you have messaged me about the jumper, it’s from Top Shop you can still get it here.

Let me know what you think in the comments section and don’t forget to subscribe and hook up with us on Bloglovin’.







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