A-Lift and Dermatude

Is there any better way to give your skin a boost, than a facial?

Probably not. Unless it’s a brand new facial. With some high tech shenanigans involved.

As a longstanding fan of skin pummelling, I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s only so much which can be achieved from having a variety of different products smeared on your face.

Most will agree that the skill of the facialist and their extraction / massage chops are key to good results. But as the skin gets older, fingers (however talented) are simply not enough.


I’ve been reading about Nouveau Skin Therapy’s two new offerings currently being rolled out across the UK and was keen to try them to see whether they lived up to the hype.

Both facials already have a large celeb following with Ellie Goulding, Sadie Frost, Lisa Snowden and Millie Mackintosh amongst the devotees.

There’s the electric current-based ‘A-Lift’ and the needle-based ‘Dermatude.’

They both sounded so tempting I couldn’t choose and opted to have a combination of the two.

Here’s a little breakdown of each one and what they have to offer.

The A-Lift

A couple of metal probes administer a nano-current to the skin. This is a more sophisticated application of current than previously used by other micro-current type facials which aim to exercise the actual muscles to improve tone.

This new tech works at cellular level, actively promoting ATP production in cells (the stuff which helps them regenerate) and improves your overall skin health.


The phrase Nouveau use is, ‘age reversal.’

As you age your cells produce less ATP and so their turnover and regeneration slows down.

By encouraging them to produce more ATP you are effectively making your skin act younger and therefore appear younger too. Sounds good?

The increased ATP means your elastin and colllagen production is improved and lymph drainage speeded up, making your skin look firmer, fresher and more hydrated.


There is absolutely no pain or discomfort with this. Neither do you get the horrible filling rattling / metallic taste associated with other current based facials.

It’s none-invasive, needle free, pain free and chemical free – so it suits those with sensitive skin or just people phobic about more invasive style of treatment.

It’s also very reasonable, at £30 per treatment.

As with anything like this, a course will yield the best results but with no downtime and a definite increased perkiness this is exactly the kind of thing you could have before an occasion, to give you a bit of a lift.

Dermatude – Meta Therapy

Ok, this is for the slightly more hardcore amongst you. It’s dual action using tiny needles to deliver active serums while activating the skin’s natural healing process.

The serums are designed for whichever skin concern you want to address, so there is one for firming, one for hydration and so on.

The needles are in a ‘stamp’ type device not unlike an electric toothbrush which is pressed firmly against the skin.

Technically this is an ‘invasive treatment’ because the needles penetrate but unlike the medical Derma-roller facials there is no downtime.


And there is no blood. As you can see from the pic your face will look healthily flushed rather than red or irritated. Like you’ve just run 5 miles round an alpine trail.

The only concession to the needle penetration is that wearing make up is not advised for 24 hours. So maybe don’t have  this on the day of an event, although you can use mineral make up as an alternative if you really feel you can’t go without. Your skin will look refreshed afterwards so you probably won’t want to cover it up tbh.

The interesting aspect of this for me **FACIAL NERD ALERT**was the length of needles.

The needle stamp has 18 micro needles which can be adjusted to various lengths but never more than 0.5mm. This throws up an interesting point re: the obvious comparison with Medical derma-rollering which uses 0.5-1.5mm needles.

The shorter length in the Dermatude facial penetrate to a depth sufficient to stimulate type 1 collagen (new skin) but not enough to provoke type 3 collagen (scar tissue) into action. There is a school of thought which suggests excessive or frequent use of longer needles with Derma-roller facials could eventually cause scar tissue, so this is something to bear in mind for fans of the ‘Vampire Facial’ beloved of Kim K & Co. (or ‘Ko’?)

Dermatude, for me, seems like a gentler, less invasive treatment than the Derma-Roller but with similar effects.  While it’s more expensive than the A-Lift (at £75 per treatment) it’s priced competitively compared to other needle based facials. And these days £70-80 is now considered a mid-range price for salon treatments.

Given the level at which this facial is working, I’d say it’s good value for money.

I was really impressed with the results. My skin was really pink for good few hours afterwards but it was only the next morning when I really observed the work done. My skin was plump, firm, smooth and lifted. It actually looked a bit air-brushed, there was a noticeable improvement in quality which is still evident a few days later. Here’s a no-make up selfie to prove it. Nice and close up. Sheesh.


At my age, I’m at the threshold of needing to do way more than cleanse and moisturise but not yet at the point where I’d consider anything properly invasive or surgical.

Laser / infrared / radio wave treatments all sound tempting, but the costs are prohibitive.

In terms of sheer value of the ratio between price vs results – I would definitely consider investing in a course of these. You can have both together too – check out the location of your nearest trained therapist here. Frequently they will offer both types in a bespoke facial depending on your particular skin needs.

It’s an interesting development for the tech-driven facial in that they are highly results driven but affordably priced and therefore a welcome addition to the salon treatments market.

Let me know if you try either of these and what you think of the results!

If you’d like more info, read all about on the Nouveau Beauty Group website and follow them on Twitter @NSkinTherapy

Thanks for reading. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.x

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  1. Your skin looks bloody amazing. I’m going to enquire about any salons around here do it.
    As you know I’ve have derma roller but akways keen to test new procedures. Thanks for sharing xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, it was plump and smoother than usual. It’s def worth trying you know, I’d like to do a course AND I think it’s a lot more affordable than dermarollering (?) so that’s a bonus too 👍🏼👍🏼

      Liked by 1 person

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