Work Out Spring Things

It’s a rare and lovely sunny morning here and my thoughts are turning reinvigorating my fitness regime and (more importantly) re-upping my workout wardrobe in time for warmer weather. Bring.It. On.

I’ve had a little trawl through what’s on offer and picked some of the prettiest looks, hopefully including some less familiar names.

First up though, the Puma Rose Gold range is really lovely.

Here’s what I picked: Puma Eco Print Legging £30 and  Puma Rose Gold Bralet £20

Next up, gorgeous Aussie brand Lurv Sportswear. They need to find a UK stockist pronto because these outfits are so cool and would sell like hot cakes even in our rainy climes. You can of course purchase online.

Particular faves are the Flower Bomb Legging & Crop and the Lurv Sportswear jumper

Now, I do I tend to favour a lurid print and with much of what’s on offer looking like excellent camouflage for a botannical garden (well you never know) it’s important to remember some of us might favour a less migraine inducing look.

Step forward lush minimalist colour blocking types Outdoor Voices.

All the kit is merino wool but v reasonably priced. Just the thing for yoga or pilates or mud free activities, I reckon. Find these here

and these here!

And last but not least, another US label Free People. Their workout gear is amazing and for those of you ballet / barre gals there is a specific section for dance wear, or circus performance – whatever floats your boat. Check out this lovely pink ensemble (left) Silo

My favourite is the Luxe Silk Bottom (right). Mainly because this is the first instance I’ve seen of applying the fashion singular to ‘bottoms’ so well done to them. But also because you could wear these at a streetdance class, school run, big shop up Asda, onstage at the Grammy’s…there’s no place these would not look right at home.

Have you bought any new threads for your get in shape for Spring mission? Let me know – particularly any new brands or independent labels, share your new find here!

Have a great day.



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  1. Oh wow I love those puma leggings! They’re two parts gym bunny, two parts notting hill carnival and one part music video hottie. I’m going to get them and at some point in my future I may even exercise in them.


    • Exercise optional! They are really nice and v summery that’s for sure. I basically live in my workout gear, when it’s this nice, who needs real clothes anyway?! Plus you’re always ready for that 50 press-ups, 8 mile run, yoga sesh whenevs* *😶


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