From Russia With Love


I’ve long been a fan of lash extensions. Nothing picks you up like a thick and lustrous lash – but over the years I’ve had a mixed bag. I’m no stranger to picking apart real lashes stuck in clumps of glue or having a full set done only to lose half of them at the first vigorous blink.


Yesterday however I was lucky enough to get mine done by the Queen of Lashes herself!!

Daxita Vaghela has been working in beauty for 3 decades – she started threading at 11. Over the years she’s attended the faces of anyone who’s anyone and built a rep as the go-to woman for lash improvement.

If you already wear extensions, you’ll know that selecting the right size, weight and shape is really important. The lighter the lash, the longer it will stay on and the more comfortable it will be and there are some incredibly light and natural looking lashes now. Trouble is, if you’re after volume rather than length or you wear lashes primarily so that you don’t have to bother with mascara the finer more natural lashes don’t quite cut it.


Enter Russian Lashes. These were introduced to the UK by Daxita a couple of years ago. The technique involves layering up to 6 lashes made from synthetic mink onto each individual lash. They have to be a specific size, too (0.5, 0.7, 0.9mm fact fans) in order to be proper Russian lashes – you can’t just coat the lash in glue and chuck any old stuff at it. So although you walk away with way more lashes than with traditional extensions, they feel much lighter to wear and should last way longer (5-6 weeks) meaning less maintenance. Winner!


Daxita can also create a bespoke look for each client, designed around the shape of the eye and face. Using different lengths and shape can open, lift or widen the eye, accentuate the shape and highlight other features. In my case she suggested using shorter lashes on the inner and outer corners and longer in the middle, to open up the eye. No doubt about it, the woman is a true artist.

I’d especially recommend this as a treat for anyone feeling a bit tired, in need of some pep or wanting to make an impression for a special occasion.

But it really is one of those treatments though (bit like a facial) where the quality of the products aside, it’s only as good as the person doing it. It’s a total craft and there are a lot of people out there not doing a very good job.

If you can’t get to London for an appointment with Daxita or one of her trained therapists I’d advise really shopping around locally and listen out for good word of mouth recommendations or call a salon and ask who their best practitioner is (assuming they have more than one!)


Having your lashes done is a feel good treat like no other.  It’s also really relaxing – much more than you would expect someone fiddling with your eyes would be! I was able to have a tiny snooze, which is always a bonus in the middle of a busy day. Hopefully I didn’t snore. And I’m not going to lie when I hopped up from the bed and Daxita showed me her work in a mirror I did let out a squeal of delight. It’s by far the best lash job in town.

Run, don’t walk, to try them for yourselves.


Daxita is at Atherton Cox, 18 New Cavendish Street, London W1G 8UR 0207 487 4048 and is on Instagram @daxitavaghela check out her work!


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