Mango Essential Spring Edit

What the hell happened to Mango? It used to be alright, sure. Good for the odd bit or bob. But in the last couple of years it seems to have become an essential stop off for anyone wanting to mix affordable, decent quality classics with edgier trend pieces and is slowly stalking Zara from behind like a Spanish High St Ninja about to exact a ruthlessly efficient hit.

Or maybe Mango could be the slightly oddball, younger sister finally coming into her own and stealing the popular and accomplished Zara’s boyfriends? Shown.

Look, sorry I’ve gone off on one … don’t panic! HERE ARE THE CLOTHES.

First up, some black jackets. It may be Spring / Summer but bloody hell we are women who have to go outside and do practical shit (right?) so you can’t really have too many black items of clothing – especially jackets. They’re dead handy.

Spring Pocket Jacket £49.99

We’ve probably all got a biker jacket now so let’s park that for a bit. If you want to look like a Beatles in Hamburg-era groupie of unspecific but exotic European origin about to hop onto a vespa with Stuart Sutcliffe, dodgy cheroot twixt your smudged rouged lips with a bottle of cheap brandy in your inside pocket (and who wouldn’t?) this is for you.


Studded Denim Jacket £59.99

If on the other hand you prefer going for the sulky, girl bass player in an early Noughties band full of skinny men with grubby t shirts and big hair, this would be spot on.



Embroidered Velvet Bomber £89.99

Only a true woman of mystery would wear this embroidered bomber.  She’s probably an unorthodox detective, running from her past – a long buried personal tragedy or just a plain old dark secret. Maybe she was simply overlooked for promotion after coming back from maternity leave? Whatever, she’s pissed. And she’s nails. She could definitely handle herself in a downtown dojo or a sleazy bar room brawl. And although I sincerely hope none of you find yourselves in such perilous circumstances, if you did, wouldn’t it be a great comfort to know you were wearing the right jacket?


Flowy Dress £39.99 (their words, I would say ‘négligée’ cos I’m classy. And cos I just figured out how to do French accents on a mac keyboard.) 

**TREND UPDATE** If AW15/16 was all about the pyjama, this season it’s all about the nightie. But discard that greying, oversized Sylvester & Tweetie Pie tee, ya slattern! Get yourself a proper ladylike, silky slip which you can wear with a sharp little blazer or a nice little cardi or something. (Cardi’s are back too, yay!) I remember the silky slip being a thing in the early nineties grunge era. But this time around it’s way more polished and demure – no need for torn fishnets or toting dislodged tampons with this season’s camisole trend! Unless you’re just hanging out at home of course, in which case, do you what the hell u like, gurl! We won’t judge.


Ruffled Top £39.99

As mentioned in a previous blog – ruffles are big news and I for one am pretty happy about it. Although I’m sure I used to own a fair bit of ruffle-age, remember Emma Cook for TopShop about 10 years ago, blazing a trail for frilly features? (Not sure that’s on her bio, but it should be. Emma, call me *phone hands*) Can’t find any of it now though 😦 Find it hard to believe I would’ve charity shopped it. WTF? Going to have to reinvest in some ruffles and this is really nice. Love this colour, I’m calling it as salmon but does anyone have a nicer description? (No offence to salmon.)


Satin Belt Dress £59.99

More pretty, silky, stuff. Gorgeous colour palette Mango, well done. This dress comes in some other colours, black and um…can’t remember but who cares – look at this! It’s divine! It’s kind of a ‘Spring Rust’. I’m really glad that Rust is keeping going well into the warmer months. It’s brassily extending it’s moment in the spotlight and surely we can all vibe with that? You go, Rust! This has got a lovely slinky, flattering line and comes in at a totally wearable just-above-the-knee length. Glam but not try-hard. Has May/June wedding outfit written all over it.


Pinafore Strap Skirt £35.99

WANT! This is much sleeker, androgynous version of the ubiquitous pinafore dress. My only concern is the length, I don’t mind a short skirt but I like the comfort of knowing I can sit down without risking indecent exposure. It’s hard to tell from the pics, provided that the model is the prerequisite 7′ 2″ this should be an ok mid -thigh job on me. Although I’d like to fully commit to this look and accessorise with a slightly grubby ankle sock as envisioned above I think I’d go with a sockless pump. Despite believing you should wear what you like at any age, there is something slightly disturbing about a 40 year woman looking like she’s still wandering round Hammersmith ten years after School Disco™ finished, blearily trying to work out the correct stops for the night bus home.   Other practical things to note about this beauty; the straps are detachable so if you ever just wanted a plain black mini – it’s totally got you covered. AND it’s got pockets. What more do you want?

There are loads more amazing pieces online, go and have a look. I haven’t even started on the cheap as chips but amazing jewellery and the shoes which rep the accessories section with aplomb.

Have a look and let me know which are your favourites and have a fun and / or chill Saturday. Thanks for stopping by. x



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