Winter Skin Heroes

Happy February! We’re nearly out of the worst of it, Spring is just round the corner…but wait, how is your skin holding up?

With central heating constantly on and going from warm and dry indoor environment to chilly outdoor climes, most of us suffer from dryness during this bleak season.

This year, I’ve upped the ante on skin dryness by starting my Retinol Regime (now in week 4 – see previous blog post for more info) and although it’s calming down now, for the last 3 weeks of January I suffered from arrid skin, flakiness (sexy) and when I went to get colour matched for the new Chanel Les Beiges foundation at my local department store my face was so red the Chanel lady got into a right tiz almost gave up trying to find a suitable match. (I guess the clue is in the name, it’s not called Les Rouges : /)

Anyhow, this led me to call in the big guns of moisture. Vats and vats of intense hydration. The skin cream equivalents of that typical desert hallucination scene in old movies. Moisturiser oasises in the winter desert. (Oases?) Oasises? Oasisises?)

But a lot of previous faves were off the menu because the retinol made my skin so sensitive, even things like Vichy Skin Sleep or hell, even acqueous cream (generally used on babies and hospital patients) made my face sting like hell.

So I’ve been relying on the following 3 creams which I declare suitable for even the most sensitive, stressed out skin. You could probably even lather your baby in them*.

*Maybe don’t actually do this though, due to price per smother it might be considered a bit of a waste. (Sorry babies!)

First up! Cover yourself in wee wee. OR maybe just use this?

Eucerin Replenishing Face Cream 5% Urea


Did you know that as well as being a major component of our urine – urea is also a very efficient humectant? It’s extremely hydrating and moisturising due to a very high water content and it readily absorbs moisture.It also modifies the structure of amino chains and polypeptides within the skin to enable moisture absorption, acts as a barrier, an exfoliant and even a possible anaesthetic, helping to reduce cycles of inflammation and flare-ups.



Clever huh? You can get 5% or 10% urea creams from Eucerin which is a really lovely and reasonable brand. (Check out their hyaluronic acid products, top notch.) But this handy little skin rescue is currently £12.50 at Boots

Next up, this little genius.

La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5 – Soothing Repairing Balm


I bought this by accident last year, thinking it was something else, can’t remember what, but anyway I stuck it in the cupboard and forgot about it. Then disaster struck. Ahead of a half term holiday in Cornwall I got a bikini wax.

Ridiculous I know, because when is it ever really hot enough for a bikini in the UK May half term, climate change notwithstanding? But we live in hope and having spent most of my holiday budget on other stuff I went to some total budget waxing salon near my office in Shepherds Bush (the irony) and got myself a super cheap wax.

NEVER DO THIS!!!! Never put price ahead of hygiene and safety when waxing this particular area. Women have died! (This is what I discovered when googling ‘bad bikini wax’ late at night after the incident and my skin was so red painful and swollen I looked like I’d tried to burn off those troublesome hairs with a flame thrower.)

You may think I’m joking, but women have actually got septicemia, lost legs etc. Back in the 90’s, the decade which gave us ‘The Brazilian’ and when New York Mayor Rudi Guiliani was busy cracking down on crime, graffiti, public urination and the homeless, he also had to issue an edict on NYC waxing salons, because women kept ending up in hospital.

Anyway long story short, I tried every soothing cream I had in the cupboard, even a quite expensive and apparently pure aloe gel and each one was agony. Then I tried this. Ah the relief. Amazing. It soothed and actually helped heal the ‘affected area’. A lifesaver. And this winter when my skin has been ultra sensitive, red and stingy it has similarly worked it’s magic.

Designed as a reparative balm for the entire family it contains 5% Panthenol plus Madecassoside which acts as an anti-inflammatory and collagen synthesiser. The triple-action of copper, zinc and manganese encourages optimal skin recovery and crucially (in cases of skin disasters) it has antibacterial agents to protect inflamed areas from possible infection. It’s also paraben, fragrance and lanolin-free.

Keep a tube of this in your bathroom cabinet, anything from razor burn, actual burns, allergic reactions or just dryness. It’s marvellous AND it’s only £6.50 at Boots!

And finally this product is a bit more luxe, but divine! Divine I tell you!

Alpha-H Liquid Laser Super Anti Ageing Balm



As I mentioned in my previous Skin Regime Change blog post, I’ve been using this range on alternate non-retinol nights and this for me is the standout part of the range. It is the yummiest, most indulgent balm which melts into the skin. And though it smells like a herbal, aromatherapy product (with lavender, mandarin & patchouli to help ease you off to sleep) it’s actually a cosmeceutical product ie it’s working at a deeper layer to improve the skin’s condition.


The main ingredients are: 10% Vitamin C, Niacinimide and Juveleven, a hexapeptide which contains 4 key proteins meant to ape the cell functions of the Hydra jellyfish – an organism whose stem cells enable it to constantly regenerate.

The other nice thing about this balm is it enables me to do a bit of face massage. On my retinol nights my skin is pretty dry to the touch, so it’s no can do on the massage front. Using this on the other night, means I have a lovely bit of luxurious grease with which to enact a bit of pummelling. Good times all round.

It’s available on Cult Beauty, £56 but (and I know I keep banging on about this but it’s a money saver) IF you buy any of these via TBSeen (because Boots is also one of the retailers involved) you’ll get cash back. Hurray!

So hope this goes someway to helping you keep your skin hydrated, primed and plumped this winter. Let me know if you have any other dry skin saviours in the comments section and as ever thank you for reading!




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