Labels I Love : L’école des Femmes





I’ve only recently discovered this cool and reasonably priced label L’école des Femmes and wanted to share my find with you.

It’s been around for a couple of years but a very select range is now available on the High St via Urban Outfitters. The main shop is in LA on Melrose Avenue but you can browse it online here.


The brainchild of Laura Sfez, a Parisian native based in Los Angeles, the collection combines the essence of French fashion; power, elegance and maturity with a fun Hollywood twist.


The clothes reference classic female roles such as femme fatale, schoolgirl, secretary, secret agent and movie icon but subvert what might be perceived as traditionally low status or sex-ploit clichés with humour, elegance and quality.


The name L’école des Femmes refers to the host of female roles assumed by women throughout many eras of fashion.


I really love this collection. It’s full of ideas and is a clever and funny take on the notion that we all dress for the role we want or need to play on that particular day.



The clothes are properly gorgeous and wearable and crucially, are priced well.


Plus I love the way the models are pictured with booze and fags (so French) and many of the outfits look like they’re costumes from a Pina Bausch piece. Amazing.


Have a look at the website and let me know which one is your favourite in the comments section.




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  1. cool name from a very good play by Moliere! The oui non tee is cute on you, love the bondage dress too, not too SM fortunately!XX


    • I want everything in it! Love the dresses especially. Even the Bruce Lee / Kill Bill tracksuit. Although not sure where would wear that ; ) X


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