Ruffles and Frills : High Street Edit


I’m sorry but I can’t get excited about a mid calf kick flare.

I mean…WHY?!

However I can get excited about gorgeous ruffles, frills, lace and Victoriana and thankfully the SS16 catwalks and shows were brimming over with the prettiest of trends.


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I’ve had a virtual mooch around to see how you can best wear this trend on a high street budget.

There are a few bits from ASOS but they are different labels and if you’ve been paying attention you’ll know you can get cashback into your bank account if you buy via TBSeen so it works out cheaper.

Kicking off with the cheapest I could find, this one’s left over from the recent sales but bang on trend Urban Outfitters Ruffle Front Top £10!!




H&M have got quite a few blouses which fit the Victoriana bill, have a look. This is one of the nicer ones H&M Patterned Blouse £24





Finery have this on offer. Nice that it’s actually jersey which will save on ironing. I mean ironing ruffles? Can’t see this being a long lived trend tbh but at least it’s pretty! Finery Durer Ruffle Front Top £29






This was also in the sale but SO pretty and would look lovely under a black blazer and/or with a sharp pencil skirt. Total bargain – Stories Lace Blouse reduced to £33

Stories 3

Stories 4

This is also a favourite. Perfect for Winter or Summer and equally at home over leather leggings or bare legs & ankle boots come warmer days.

Oasis Embellished Victoriana Dress £35.50


ASOS dress 6


This colour is still really nice and weirdly flattering for almost all skin tones. Plus it reminds one of wine, which is always a pleasant association. Burgundy ruffle blouse from Oasis £38


This reminds me of those Romeo Gigli dresses of yore (kinda) but a bit more streamline and suitable for wedding, beach or just loafing around. Looks pretty Summery but it’ll sell out so snap it up before it goes! ASOS Darccy Ruffle Dress £39



THIS IS DIVINE! My only concern is how it will wash. Bit if you are careful with your knits then I’m sure it’ll be fine. Topshop Pointelle Ruffled Jumper £52


Bloody love this. Actually don’t buy this because we’re bound to bump into each other and if we’re both wearing it, it’ll be embarassing.

topshopArgh the prettiness continues. Unabated. MY EYES! Too. Much. Pretty. Aaarghhh!        Navy London Victoriana Layered Lace Blouse £55



Ohh this is a bit more interesting. Mix it up with a red skirt. Or  a pink one. Look like a dessert. Yum. ASOS Sister Jane Camelia Ruffle Blouse £55



Now if you’re a lady who needs to maintain a certain gravitas for work. I dunno, particle physicist? Bereavement counsellor? Social Security clerk? You might not want to go to the office, dressed up like little wotserface out of the Nutcracker. And fair enough. So just for you Cos are working the trend in a reassuringly minimal fashion.

Cos Blue Ruffle Shirt £55

Cos BLue

(Again tho…ironing alert!)

cos blue 2

Love this. This is the classic understated Victoriana blouse. Well done Stories.

Stories Lace Panel Blouse £55



More ASOS but this is such a lovely colour. EVERYONE looks good in this. ASOS Greylin Chennai Ruffle Dress £77




Finally, this – the most divine creation ever. Bit expensive compared to the others but for a really special occasion? Plus it has lace AND ruffles AND a Victoriana neckline thereby killing all possible fashiony birds with one stone. FAB-U-LOUS!                                    ASOS Self Portrait High Neck Lace Panel Dress £255



Have you spotted any other Victoriana, ruffles or frills? Let me know in the comments section!

Hope you’re having a great weekend!





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  1. Yes Im a Ruffle fiend too, love your selection! I found my fair share of ruffles from last summer by Marant on ebay this week in the floral hawaiian print! I love Marant but I love a good bargain even more!XXX


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