Morning Face Shiz (new regimen)

At last – the new regime / regimen morning details…sorry I’ve been late in putting them up but tbh, the retinol (see evening regimen) has made my skin so sensitive in the mornings, it’s only today a whole 10 days in, that I’ve been able to put any other products on my face without it stinging like hell.



So here it is. After cleansing with coconut oil and a hot flannel I’m going to add a swipe of glycolic – this is a new development for me morning-wise. I don’t want to overdo it, with all the other stuff on my face so have opted for a lower strength than in the evening so am giving the ubiquitous Pixi Glow Tonic a try.






Then depending on how  dry my skin feels from the overnight treatments AND how much time I have before leaving the house I’m slathering on this lovely soothing Dermalogica Hydrating mask for 5/10 mins. Might do the school run in this then come back and finish off if really pushed for time.





Then hot-flannelling the mask off and applying the usual eye and face serum courtesy of Deciem’s Hylamide range. greenAm still on the pink one, not sure if it’s as good as the purple but am going to use it up! But if you notice on the link above, Boots currently have a 3 for 2 offer so you can stock up.






Up next the Neostrata eye cream, with caffeine for that early morning fix! (It’s usually £59 but Effortless Skin have reduced it to £44!)





Then here’s the main difference to the daytime products : a retinol moisturiser – this one is also prescription – brand name ‘Differin.’ I’m going to be phasing this in gradually due to the night time retinol still making the skin a little dry but it should get easier to stand the more my skin adjusts to it’s new high dose of Vitamin A.




Finally a tinted moisturiser, any tinted moisturiser with an SPF. We should wear an SPF on our faces anyway but it’s even more key if you’re using a retinol product, even if that’s only at night. At the moment I’m going with the Estee Lauder CC to counteract any retinol induced pinkness.



I think I’ll adapt this as my skin changes so will update as and when. The other thing I’m trying to factor into my morning face routine is daily massage and exercise. But more on that later!! (AEIOU!!!!)

And remember if you buy any of these products (John Lewis, Boots and ASOS) via TBSeen you’ll get cashback.

Enjoy your day!




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  1. I use the Pixi Glow and I love it. On my second bottle. Desperate for a new BB cream so might give this a whirl. I can’t wear foundation as it just tends to sit on my skin like a mask. I’m sure I’m applying it wrong! Look forward to your update xx


    • I only ever use foundation for a night out or to look really ‘done’ I know what you mean, I much prefer tinted moisturiser or BB. The Estee CC is really nice feels like you’ve got nothing not but just evens the skintone out, it’s really nice. Let me know if you try it xx


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