Regime Change pt 2

Ok so in case you were waiting with bated breath on what the alternative night time regime would be…(ie not the hardcore retinol night) here it is!

I’ve decided to do something unprecedented for me which is to try a range  as a whole, as it’s intended to be used to see if that’s all it’s cracked up to be.

As I mentioned in part 1, to complement the retinol, I’m making the other night ‘Glycolic Night’ (woohoo all back to mine!!) and so am going with a trusted glycolic brand Alpha-H and alongside the favourite Liquid Gold I’m going to try their anti-ageing range Liquid Laser.




This comprises the Cleansing Oil (hibiscus, mulberry and ferrulic acid and ‘Sucragel’ a biodegradeable sugar derived emulsifier designed to lock moisture in.




Then wipe with the Liquid Gold glycolic exfoliant.



Then there’s the Liquid Laser Serum which contains AHA’s, plant extracts and Hydranov P which isn’t a former Soviet chemical weapon as I originally thought. It’s a far more gentle and wholesome derivative of Scandinavian Red Algae which, like a hyaluronic, locks the moisture in.




Now, you can stop here and just leave it at the serum. This is difficult for me  as a perennial slatherer of potions. I like to feel a hefty layer of something on day and night but when I do only serum my skin does feel more moisturised than you’d think, given the spartan nature of using those just 3 products. Now, if you’re after maximum resurfacing, this is what Alpha H recommend BUT given I’m on the retinol the other nights, I think that my skin could use the occasional treat.


With that in mind I’m using the Liquid Laser Super Anti-Ageing Balm. This is a gorgeous smelling treatment which melts into the skin, rich but not greasy with essential oils lavender, mandarin and patchouli to aid sleep. The main ingredients are: 10% Vitamin C, Niacinimide and Juveleven which work to hydrate, firm and stimulate collagen production. There’s also some cucumber seed, mulberry extract and Hawaiian Waltheria Indica petals (ya’ wha?) which help even out any pigmentation.


The key ingredient in this range is the Juveleven which sounds a bit like that filler but is actually a hexapeptide which contains 4 key proteins meant to stimulate cell regeneration in the manor of the Hydra jellyfish – an organism which has stem cells enabling it to constantly regenerate and appear immortal. Bit like Dr Who.

Also to slap on top of this, once my skin is accustomed to the previous night’s retinol I’ll be applying a brand new AlphaH product which is out in a few weeks. Will tell you about it then. But hint hint – it’s got a v special ingredient and is guaranteed to cause quite a stir, so watch this space!

You can now buy Alpha H in Marks and Spencer but I’ve done all the links above to Cult Beauty because if you sign up with new cashback website TBSeen you can currently get 6.5% back from any purchase through Cult Beauty. Just go onto TBSeen first and click through.

Ok so that’s it for nighttime. The new(ish) morning regimen to follow.

Hope you all had a great weekend.



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<a href=”“>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>Bloglovin

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