January Want List

What are your fashion goals for 2016 so far? Is there a particular look you’re itching to try?

If I’m not working in an office, my go-to daytime look is running tights / jogging pants or if you want to dress it up in fashion terms, ‘Sports Luxe.’  Although I’m not really on the ‘Luxe’ tip so for the sake of accuracy let’s just call it ‘Sports’.

Wearing your exercise gear is comfy AND makes you look purposeful and vibrant rather than a freelance wastrel. Plus if you do happen to fancy a quick bout of pilates or interpretive dance you’ve already got the kit on, so what’s to stop you?

Try it for 3 days max. Trust me. You will never want to wear proper clothes again.

It’s like going out in your pyjamas but more socially acceptable. To save time you can try sleeping in your running tights to ensure you get out the house super quick in the morning.*

*This is not just me being skanky it’s actually a thing which hardcore runners do in compression tights to aid muscle recovery. So there!

Anyway in my typical New Years resolution style, I’ve decided if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. But yeah that’s pretty boring so I’ll aim for a bit more nuance and narrative. Hence *fanfare* my SS16 vibe is going to be ‘US Collegiate track star meets hip hop innovator.’ Sound good?

Here are some nice things I’ve spotted with this in mind.

lgff049105290-model-frontI’ve been obsessed with this Aussie brand Lurv Sports Wear for a while and their daily Instagram feed makes me want to hit the St. Tropez and protein shakes in equal measure and hell, maybe even move to Australia, I’ve yet to actually buy anything. 😦 But this year I’m going to dive right in. These tights have a Flo-Jo / Marion Jones 80’s /90’s disgraced-sprint-star-training-kit vibe to them. Plus they are described in the fashion singular which is more pleasing in the word ‘legging’ than any other garment. Fact.



Also leaping out from the ASOS ‘New In’ section like a right old sight for sore eyes is THIS new Puma collection.

Like Lurv Sports Wear there’s lots of colour and prints but is also super affordable and pretty.

You’ll also be glad to know Rose Gold is not going away any time soon. I really want this  Rose Gold Logo T Shirt and more importantly some metallic shorts. Although where would I wear the metallic shorts? Not sure they’ll fly on the school run, although what flies on the school run has never bothered me before so why start now? Maybe I need to join a roller derby? Who’s with me?


TS bomber 1


I regretted not getting involved in the bomber jacket frenzy last Spring / Summer. But better late than never, so what about this Topshop Shiny sateen bomber?! Gorge.

Plus when you get invited to those inevitable film character fancy dress 40th’s you can just wear this and be either Rizzo or The Driver. Job’s a good ‘un.



Maison K jumper
Initials MUST be MK!       (beard optional tho)

Finally, this wouldn’t be a style selection piece from me if it didn’t feature a jumper.

BUT CHECK IT OUT THIS JUMPER  HAS MY INITIALS ON IT! (So noone else can buy it, ok?)

It’s from Parisian label Maison Kitsune’s collabo with Reebok but appears to have been made especially pour moi! I really want to wear this so I can feel exactly like I suspect Kanye West does every day ie TOTALLY AWESOME!

Plus it’s even more enticing because it’s IN THE SALE, which not something Kanye ever has to think about but never mind.



What’s going to be your SS16 look? Do you approve of initialised clothing? How do you feel about metallic shorts? And more importantly -will I actually buy any of these clothes?!

Let me know what you think.


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<a href=”http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/14532309/?claim=armch44p27p“>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>Bloglovin




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