Sales Mission pt. 1 – GREY FAUX

Hello and Happy New Year! Hope you all had a good one!

Am kicking off January with a sales mission. I’ve wanted a grey faux fur jacket to team with my endless pairs of black leathery leggings for quite some time so am taking advantage of the sales to have a browse.

Here are my top picks.


I’m slightly allergic to ranges fronted by celebrities. Unless it’s Kate Moss. And even her TS range was a bit whack. I’m not sure I’m ready for Twiggy at M&S (no offence Twigs) but am also fairly sure I am a little past Kylie and Kendall (see below) But maybe we should just ignore the endorsements and just appreciate the fact that this is actually a very nice looking jacket with a substantial reduction. Have a look here, now £60 at M & S





So the Jenner girls range for Topshop is pretty good but probably quite overpriced (Topshop sort your crazy pricing out please!?) Thankfully the sales have arrived to restore some reason. This is a bluey grey Mongolian fur but is really pretty and now over half price – also at £60!



Noisy May



And finally, one of my favourite new discoveries of 2015 was Vero Moda’s annoying younger sister ‘Noisy May’ This is now on ASOS for £59 but I’ve just spotted it on Ebay for a tenner. (Don’t tell Vera!)

Am off to bid on it – wish me luck!




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<a href=”“>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>Bloglovin


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