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A friend once told me about spending some time choosing what to wear for a meeting with a stylist of some renown, only to be left slightly agog when the lady in question turned up wearing pyjamas. It was East London where it seems this is entirely acceptable.

But it’s not a London-centric trend, it actually hails from the font of all culture, my ancestral home of Liverpool. Last time I visited I noticed it was de rigeur amongst the trendy girls-about-town to be out shopping in luxe silk pyjamas, rollers and perfect daytime make up ahead of their big Friday / Saturday night out. But this was a couple of years ago though, so Scousers can correct me but I think it’s OVAH as a trend up there. The rest of us are left to play catch up.

It definitely takes a bit of chutzpah to leave the house in PJ’s and readers of this blog will know I am very much in favour of spending a entire day inside wearing PJ’s and that I often stick a coat on over night attire for the school run (priorities!) However, if I’m heading out to meet with actual people over the age of 7 I like to look like I’ve made a smidge more effort.

But I do like pyjamas. So, pyjamas? Clothes? Pyjamas? Clothes?

An eternal quandrary. What to do?

Enter the Pyjama shirt! A welcome addition to any woman’s worky / smarty / wardrobe repertoire.

Poppy Lux Rena


I recently picked up one for a measly £16 from Poppy Lux at ASOS £16 It’s probably sold out but if you like it keep checking because they do tend to replenish stock when people send stuff back etc, so you may well nab yourself a bargain.




This is a fairly posh one because it has some necktie business going on, so is straddling the nightwear AND secretarial genres with equal aplomb.




I particularly like the fabric because it reminds me of a tie my teenage brother might have worn for the football club dinner, circa 1986. Apols for that very specific cultural reference, but if you were born before 1980 you will know what I mean. If you weren’t, don’t rub it in, ok?





If you want to take it a bit more 70’s though, go right ahead with this bit of ASOS Reclaimed Vintage Paisley £28







Then leaping up a price bracket we’ve got top notch blouse emporium Scotch & Soda  with this much more subtley pyjama type shirt, for those not entirely sold on a busy pattern. £63.






This is also really lovely Top Shop Boutique ‘Twinkle’ Blouse £70 Bless it.




maisonscotch stripey


BUT I’ve saved the best till last, get a load of this Maison Scotch £76 This pj-silky stripe looks like something Wall Street’s Gordon Gecko would accessorise with a Harvey Wallbanger and Filofax BUT would look equally lovely on you for a posh dinner or bringin’ it like a boss to the boardroom, as you do.




So what’s your opinion on pyjama shirts? Are you tempted?

And do you ever leave the house in your pyjamas? Ladies can we bring this Merseyside trend back with a vengeance? Who’s with me?!



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  1. I think it looks lovely on others but would not wear it myself, I would feel too self conscious and you have to be totally cool for it to work! But I could wear the one you got I thought it was the Kooples or St Laurent=I love the tie thingie and the fitted shape and buttons, it makes it so chic! xx


    • It was a bit of a find that Poppy Lux blouse, it does look more expensive than 16 quid, I think there’s a pyjama shirt for everyone though you would look fab in my one, it’s basically a normal blouse in a pyjama type fabric. I really like the loud stripey one but not sure where I would wear it?! X


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