Pinafore Poll

IMG_1536Spotted this in Zara the other day, it reminded me of the Clothkits clothes my Mum dressed me in as a child. Ok 70’s floral print is not for everyone but with so many out there –  will you be trying a pinafore this season?

Is it a bit childlike for someone over 40? Rather like wearing bunches?

Or like fringes and breton stripes, are they just eternally youthful?

Moto Cord


Pinafores seem to be split into two camps – the shorter, sweeter, primary school uniform option like this Moto Cord Pinafore from Topshop.



noisy may


Or the longer, utiliarian, ‘working at a Farmer’s Market on an artisanal cheesemonger stall’ like this Noisy May Pu Dungaree Dress. I think the leathery look makes them look a lot more grown up.



So which one, if any would you opt for? Or are they best left to the Under 8’s? (Why should they have all the fun?)


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