Weird Blush Crush

What colour do you blush?

I recently reacquainted myself with a Bright Red blush Mac – Devil a shade I used to wear in my 20’s when a friend reminded me how nice a bright red blusher can look if you use it very sparingly.

devilIt is after all the colour of blood which is what actually comes to your cheeks to create a natural blush. But although it’s an obvious choice for black or Asian women, most white skinned women wouldn’t go near it for fear of looking like they’ve been slapped in the face. I guess it does look pretty lurid and scary in the box and if you over-do it you’ll end up looking like Aunt Sally from Worzel Gummidge.



IMG_1561But if you apply restraint it can be a really pretty and natural look. Try it out! This is how it looks on. (Glamorous in car / natural daylight shot.)




chanelThis got me thinking about some other less than obvious blusher shades out there. A lot of fuss was made about Chanel’s legendary ‘Notorious’ Grey blusher which I don’t think you can buy any more although there are cheaper dupes available on t’internet. But there are plenty of other slightly weird shades you could apply which can look amazing, depending on your skin tone.



Brown Nars – Taj Mahal

taj mahal


This calls itself a burnt orange but it’s bleedin’ brown. This is perfect for a warm, natural glow. Possibly nicer on warmer, olivey-types, try it in the hollows rather than apples of your cheeks.One for those of you who like a bit of contouring.



Orange Burberry – Orange Poppy



Here’s a cream option for those who like that sort of thing, but Mac and Nars also have orangey options if you’re a powder kinda gal. This is basically a stronger look for fans of peach, of which I am one. (And yes – we do blush peach amirite?) It’s possibly quite summery and maybe only advisable with a nudey lip?



Purple  Illamasqua – Thrust



No-one blushes purple. Except maybe Prince. But why should that stop us. I haven’t tried this but apparently it is equally flattering on darker or cool pale tones.



Would you try it? Have you come across any other weird shades which are strangely flattering. Let me know!



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