Some New Goodies

Once I find a product that works I’m inclined to stick with it ad infinitum. But now and again it’s important to have a little graze on pastures new, just to check that you’re not missing out on some brilliant stuff.

Here are 3 of the best new products I’ve tried recently, despite being in categories in which I already have a tried and tested favourite, these have totally won me around. Here they are.

First up: Bare Minerals Ready Bronzer

I am a relative newcomer to the concept of bronzer. Hard to fathom I know, but I’m a late bloomer ; ) I just failed to see the point, associating it with the perma-tanned and have always just hit the blusher extra hard when I need a bit of a lift. But recently a friend pointed out the subtleties a bronzer can add. so I treated myself to Chanel Les Beiges and haven’t looked back since.



THAT IS UNTIL I FOUND THIS! It applies like a dream and although the medium shade I tried ‘The High Dive’ looked a little dark it added such a lovely warm healthy tone to my skin. I was converted. It has a really nice texture and being mineral is extra suited to those with sensitive skin. All in all am very impressed – recommend!


It’s usually £24 but All Beauty have reduced it a little so snap it up while you can.

Next – Neostrata Skin Active – Intensive Eye Therapy

IMG_1401This is one of those caffeine eye creams I was wanging on about the other week. I’ve been using it for a fortnight and am pleased to report it does actually work. It moisturises and lifts the upper eye area and stimulates the lower to counteract puffiness – the exact combination of effects I need. I’d not heard of this cosmeceutical brand before, it’s fairly new over here but is the brainchild of two US scientists who discovered AHA’s so there’s a bit of credibility and heft behind it. At the moment it seems to be available mainly in salons, you can locate your nearest stockist and read more about the brand here.

And finally – Skyn Iceland Arctic Face Oil

As you get older I think your skin needs all the moisture it can get, particularly in the winter months when the dreaded central heating takes it’s toll and a good facial oil becomes a necessity rather than a luxury. I’ve usually opted for rose oils just but thought I would give this a go because, basically I love all that Scandinavian shit. I mean, they are totally bossing clothing, baking and telly so why not give the skincare a shot?  Plus I’ve been to Iceland and not only do they have enviable knitwear, licensing laws and a totally right on government, they all have AMAZING skin.


This Arctic Face Oil is 99.9% cold-pressed Camelina Oil is from a plant which thrives in sub-zero temperatures due to containing 9 Essential Fatty Acids. It acts to maintain the skin’s lipid barrier to lock in moisture AND is a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory so soothes and protects.


I’ve found it extra hydrating and use it morning and evening with a bit of facial massage. Crucially it absorbs very quickly and doesn’t lie atop the skin like a layer of grease. So you know it’s actually doing some good rather than just acting as a barrier. My skin hasn’t felt dry at all despite having the heating on full blast. So massive thumbs up for this. It’s £30 at M&S so is an affordable little treat and you don’t need much so a 30ml bottle should go a long way.

Hope you’re all having a good Wednesday.x


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    • I felt the same but if you go for one which is just a smidge darker than your base colour and which is well formulated it does make a difference. I often use it instead of blusher if I want a more natural look. Unheard of for me as blusher prob my no 1 product really 😳


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