Cyber Monday – quick edit

I’m pleased to report you can STILL get some nice threads in The Sales and no-one is covering themselves in glory more than Urban Outfitters, who have some really nice stuff this year.



First up, this is a lovely bag and everyone needs a black slouchy shopper. Get ahead of the game and always tote a shopper as opposed to a smaller bag and think of the all the 5p’s you will save despite the dreaded UK carrier bag tax.* (People rise up!)

What’s more it’s vegan leather, which I know Stella M has been espousing for a while but even if you have no strong feelings either way about cow emancipation, vegan leather is probably a good thing environmentally so we should probably all get behind it. Isn’t is just faux leather though? Smart move calling it vegan really, makes it sound much more cool and like something Beyonce would own. If she’s still a vegan. Not sure.


jumperSecond up is this lovely 70’s-esque stripey rib v-neck which will make you look like an extra from Annie Hall or Kramer vs Kramer – a key look this season! It also has the winning addition of a flash of ‘rust’ which is my current colour obsession. So it is on frickin’ point!

I’m typing this through gritted teeth though (yes I type with my teeth – what of it?) because I paid full price for this about 3 months ago. But I am so totes ok with it that I’m tipping you off nonetheless cos that’s the kind of generous soul I am.

navy jacket


And finally look at this! A navy coat to pop over your navy jumper perhaps? (I have no styling qualifications this is only a suggestion.) I thought this was a nice new spin on the last few years of pea-coat mania and is a nicely boxy double breasted jacket. I also really like the belt business. It’s dead smart and reduced from £80 to £55 which is good value for a wool coat.



So hurrah for Cyber Monday! I hope you snap up some good ‘uns.

If you’re particularly pleased with a purchase let me know and I can share vicariously in the joy of your bargain. Happy hunting!


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