BF Bargains – Sunday’s Picks

Had a quick mooch through the end of the Black Friday clothes reductions, so you don’t have to.

These are some lovely standout pieces which I spotted today.




It’s almost Chanel, but not quite. Warehouse is near enough though, eh?

Reduced to £44 if you enter the code CYBER at the checkout.






Cop a load of these. If you can manage heels and have an event to attend where you need to take care of all the business then you could do worse than these. Reduced from £65 to £30. AND HOT!





Finally, on the coat front: if you fancied a cape because they’re lush but let’s face it much less useful than a coat, why not pick one up in the sales?

This Mango Cape is reduced to £56 if you enter the code 5BLACK2015 at the check out.




That’s your lot. Did you nab a bargain this weekend?


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