Sunday Morning Eye Treat


Ah Sunday morning. After a lovely lie in my eyes were looking like they’ve actually had too much sleep. I know, right!? There’s just no pleasing them, frankly.

IMG_1370So to pep up and revive I’ve made a pot of coffee massive enough to see me through The Archers Omnibus. (I only manage to listen to 50% of this, the other 50%  is interrupted by conversations about Minecraft coming from the other room.) And to sort my face out I’m sporting some fetching under eye gels from Skyn Iceland.


IMG_1368I think these really work. I’m very much in favour of simplicity when it comes to sorting the under eye area in the morning. And although things like a chilled spoon, cucumber, green tea icecube & lymphatic massage are all highly effective & minimally expensive they’re time consuming. Whereas you can affix these & get on with whatever you’re doing.


Plus you look like a Miami Dolphins linebacker / New Romantic popstar, which is a really interesting image mash up for a Sunday morning.

IMG_1371The gels contain gingko, Co-enzyme Q10, a peptide complex and mineral rich Icelandic Glacial Water. And celeb stylist Rachel Zoe calls them a ‘must have beauty necessity’ – so that’s us told!

They’re available in the UK in M&S and are £25 for a pack of 8. Perfect for party season or just the end of a long week.

Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday. x


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