Sooo Lamé

Metallics are very big this season but with an accent on the 70’s it’s nice to see lamé making a comeback.

I don’t have any pieces myself just yet but with party season coming up I’m pretty tempted. After all, who wouldn’t want to turn up to that festive bash like Bianca Jagger riding Liberace into Studio 54 at happy hour?!

I’ve found some of the nicest looking dresses in the full gamut of metallic hues, even bronze and rose gold, for a range of budgets. But I’ve weeded out the plain metallic, sheeny fabric ones purporting to be lamé of which there are many. A TRUE lamé is a soft, pleaty fabric which you could TOTALLY imagine festooning the back of a stage at a Butlins holiday camp circa 1979, behind an unsavoury comic turn telling sexist and racist jokes.

First up and top end budget wise:



This gorgeous rose gold dress from Fleur De Mal bit of an eye-watering £536 price tag tho. Eek! But it is rose gold. *sigh*






Next up this cool silver offering from Topshop Unique I imagine this would be something Servalan from Blake 7 might wear to a Christmas party. Which makes it especially awesome because she would be a welcome addition to anyone’s festive guest list. They also do this in a blouse if you’re that way inclined.


Here’s 2 from ASOS repping the mid-range budget with aplomb.



First this Metallic Wrap Kimono for £55 which has a little bit of ribbing but is so soft I’m upgrading it to a lamé. This is a good option for those who want to cover the tops of their arms and fancy a less in your face colour. I’m calling it a ‘gunmetal.’ So deffo not something you want in your face.


asos liquid


Then here’s a sleeveless glittery silver option for £40. The halter criss-cross neckline sexes it up a bit, if that’s what you’re after, this is a nice quality fabric for the price. Bargain.



forever 21


If you’re on a tighter budget and want a subtler colour this ‘Twist Fronted Dress is only £20 from Forever 21 is really nice. I would call this ‘matte bronze.’ Or maybe ‘reclaimed vintage radiator?’





Even cheaper than that AND mixing up the remit slightly in playsuit form is this cute little Draped Back Playsuit from Boohoo at a teensy price which reflects its minimal use of fabric, £15! A snip!


Only wear chance this one if you’re happy to expose your back and don’t mind spending longer undressing to go to the loo. It also comes in silver.

If you’re after a lamé dress and you’re aiming at the higher budget end you could do worse than get one today because I gather *whispers* there’s a bit of a sale on. Insider tip for you there. Happy shopping!






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