Bling Things

ring cover shot

Move over Statement necklace – the ring now has something to say as well.

Saw this picture and love this look so much.

I had a similar ring from Stories ages ago but have lost it. Honestly, noone ever buy me expensive jewellery. No, really please don’t.

But it was almost like a classy, minimalist sovereign ring in the shape of a flattened, gold coffee bean. (Gold blend perhaps?)

I applaud the advent of the statement ring mainly because they are a classy and businesslike antidote to the cocktail ring. And no one has bought me a cocktail ring thus far.

But don’t regift or Ebay yours just yet! There’s definitely room for both cocktails and a grand statement. (Usually in that order, I find. :-0)

Anyway here are the 3 (high, mid and low budget options as pictured above.

chloe ring



Chloe Frankie Smooth Ring This is my fave but also the most expensive. Also, I like the sound of Frankie Smooth and would definitely buy his or her jazz influenced album.


malene birger saint



Malene Birger Saint ring And if anyone in fashion should be a saint, it’s Malene Birger. Who else makes properly luxe pieces at affordable prices, I ask you?



ASOS Double Circle ring This is much more like it, if you like me consistently lose your shit. Hey, it’s not that you’re scatty. I expect it’s your well moisturised hands and tiny delicate fingers. But props to ASOS her because it seems to be a bit of an homage to the Chloe job but it’s £6.




What are you waiting for?

Make a statement with your fingers this festive season!


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