Run Tings




These cheering bright blue tights kept me warm on a brrrr frosty run yesterday. They’re from Mango who do a great sports collection, even though it’s not where I would normally look for work out gear. They were £29.99 which led me to wonder what other crazy print running tights were out there for less than £30.


These Mango jobs are quite tasteful but generally I favour a migraine inducing pattern on my tights. On the plus side though, these are all actually under £20. Here’s what I found:




H&M Amazing at £19.99 such a cool, bold print. H& M are fast becoming a go-to place for active wear and great value for money.







Then these Adidas Yoga Tights are a bargain £18 at Sweatshop. Pretty and you could wear them for running. I won’t tell anyone.



adventure time


Finally, get a load of these!! Unbelievably awesome Adventure Time Tights on Etsy £19.64 They are definitely on my Christmas list.

What do you like to work out in? And how do you feel about cartoon characters in active wear? Have I completely lost my mind?


  1. I love all of the above! I didn’t realise that Mango did sports wear, perhaps they don’t stock it in store here! I’m always on the look out for nice gym clothes, I have a few things from the H&M range and I really like it.. and surprisingly Primark do the best sports bras! xxx


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