OMG (Gosh)

PrimerHere’s a product I’m loving right now.

If you want to make your face-do last a bit longer, get a smoother more professional finish or counteract fine lines and plump your skin up a primer is just the ticket.

But many make your face feel tight or react badly with different cosmetics / moisturiser.

So credit where it’s due, I wanted to give this particular one a shout out. Danish Brand GOSH’s ‘Velvet Touch Foundation Primer’ gives a lovely smooth base for foundation AND is really hydrating.

It’s able to do this  because it contains an active MPC (milk peptide complex) and Vitamin F Forte (polyunsaturated fatty acid), which soften and gives moisture to the skin.

Basically, I found it as good as the Smashbox Photofinish (blue one for dehydrated skin) or the Laura Mercier BUT crucially it’s less than half the price, (£13.99 at Superdrug.)

What’s not to like about that?

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