Mani Monday – Greige

On my nails today – is this the nicest ‘greige’ out there?

I normally steer clear of neutrals. They’re for a much more classic, chic and groomed woman and I’m not sure I will ever be Her.

But this was a gift (donation) from my lovely sister-in-law and it’s winning me over. Despite managing to daub some on  a pink sofa last night. Anyone know how to get this off btw? Nail polish remover not working. 😦

Chanel Particuliere 505 hits that sweet spot between brown and grey and resembles the shade of some milky hot chocolate left in the bottom of the mug. (Hmm really selling it to you.)

Click on the link above -Debenhams have got a wee bit of money off Chanel polish at the moment so it’s your chance to stock up if you’re after stocking fillers. Noone was ever disappointed with anything bearing those interlinked ‘C’s’ and that’s a stone cold truefact.

What do you think? What’s your favourite greige? Spill. (The beans not the polish.)


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