Facial Awareness

Nothing gives your skin a boost like a facial and since turning 40 I’ve wanted to try a peel.

satc peel

Peels have come along way since the days when they were basically 1st degree burns & you can even buy at home ones but frankly I was in the market for something a little bit stronger.

I popped into  No 6 Clinic to see what was on offer.

After a consultation with the therapist Beth, she prescribed a fairly new treatment Dermaquest’s Power Peptide Peel because of it’s ‘age management’ properties, which I think is the newer, nicer way of saying anti-ageing. Catchy.

The Dermaquest Peel is AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) based with added peptides (amino acids.) The AHA’s eat away at the surface layer of skin and the peptides help rebuild the new which helps thicken the skin, refine the appearance of wrinkles, even skin tones and improve the barrier function.

The whole thing only took half an hour in total with the peel mask left on for 10 mins so it’s the kind of thing you could have done in your lunch time. I didn’t experience much tingling while it was on or any redness afterwards, more of a pink glow but I think my skin is probably toughened after years of retinol. It’s best to get a proper consultation from a qualified and knowledgable therapist like Beth before you have anything like this because there are all sorts of reasons why you might experience discomfort or irritation.

The only after care was to keep the skin clean, avoiding make up (unless it’s mineral) for 12-24 hours and skip your retinol and needling that night, just in case it aggravates your skin any further. So if you’re having it for a big event, have it a few days before rather than on the day. This is standard with facials, though.

I’ve got to say, 48 hours on my skin does seem refreshed and smoother and my pores a wee bit less visible. Result!

I’m definitely having another one, possibly something a wee bit stronger?

Have you had a peel and if so, which one did you go for and how did you find it?









    • I think you’d be fine, they’re pretty gentle unless you’re going for the hardcore medical grade ones. Depends what your skin issue is really but say if it was open pores / skin texture rather than anti ageing you could just opt for at at home Salicylic acid one, Una Brennan does one for 9.99, you can get it in Boots. As long as you start of gently and gradually build up your tolerance you’ll be fine X


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