Sunday Morning Face Squad



Trialling some new products this morning.

Quick swipe with Nip and Fab Glycolic Fix Pads

Then newbie Dermalogica Hydrating Mask left on for 15 mins

Followed by another newbie Dermalogica serum for the eye area

Haven’t used Dermalogica for years but they seem to be doing more hydrating products now so am giving them a whirl.

Also here my trusty Hylamide serum for face and neck,

followed up with newcomer Neostrata eye cream

and super excited about this next new product, inspired by the weather and following on with yesterday’s Nordic theme: Skyn Iceland Arctic Oil.

Out of shot, day cream Environ AVST 5

and will prob slather on some Skinfood later before going out in the cold.

Am going make up free today because it’s Sunday and had a facial peel yesterday which I’ll write up tomorrow.

Will try out the new products for a little while, more detailed blogs on them coming soon.

Have a great Sunday  x







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