VIKING SAGA – Get the Look


saga montage

Much excitement in the UK today as the second most famous socially awkward female detective returns to our screens tonight (The Bridge Season 3 BBC4 9pm.) Even the weather is playing ball, we’ve woken up to the year’s first flurry of snow.

She may not be quite as well known or had an American remake just yet, but as far as I’m concerned Saga Noren has the edge over The Killing’s Sara Lund for several reasons.


meme2Firstly, she’s funny, even without realising it. Sarah’s about as much of a laugh as an outbreak of food poisoning at a Crayfish Party.




memeSecondly, Saga tells it like it is. Sarah is more the strong silent type. (zzz)




saga carSaga has a cool car which always lends character to a detective. Anyone else think it’s well boring when they scramble to action in whatever anonymous mid priced car is available in the car pool?


All the greats had a distinctive ride (Morse, Columbo, The Saint, Bergerac, Jim Rockford) this places her firmly in the  elite pantheon of TV cop icons.

Saga2Finally Saga’s a MUCH better dresser. Don’t get me wrong, The Killing gave birth to ‘The Greatest Jumper of All Time’ so credit where it’s due. But Sarah Lund teams it with stonewash bootcut jeans (?!) which we can all agree is an unforgivable crime against artisanal knitwear.

Saga’s brown leather kecks and military style coat cut quite a dash and are the inspiration for the entire show’s sludge colour palette. Ok she’s not had the coat dry-cleaned since about 8 corspes ago and the leather trews probably have to be surgically removed at the end of each series BUT who cares? As outfits go, it’s practical, stylish and on trend which is highly important when sprinting across frozen wasteland and apprehending serial killers.

Here’s a couple of high and lower budget options on how to recreate her look.


all saints unaall saints una2

Smart Italian wool military style coat with suede collar  All Saints £398


FAM brownPerhaps team with this nice pair of brown leather (faux) pants from For All Mankind £131 Although for that price you could probably get some real leather ones. But I couldn’t find any that didn’t look they might be worn by the bass player from Saxon. So good luck hunting for them.





la redoute coat

This coat is much more of a bargain from La Redoute £99 It comes in black or blue but for total Saga authenticity get it in Khaki.






And also from La Redoute £39 and come in a nice chocolatey brown.






Please don’t attempt to pair with the heels as worn by the foolish model in the photo. Instead treat yourself to some hard wearing door kickers like these from John Lewis – Steve Madden



Let me know if you’ve spotted good Scandi-noir items lately and remember to get your leather pants on by 9pm tonight pronto.

Have a great Saturday!








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