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I’m a sucker for something which is a ‘first’ and this was no exception.

I’m already a big fan of this Hylamide range but have only been using Hylamide Booster Glow since the weather turned grim and the sun went on annual leave. Have to say, I’m impressed.

It’s basically a new type of facial tan which doesn’t use the traditional *deep breath* dihydroxyacetone (that’s DHA to you and me) found in traditional tanning products.

Actually tan is not quite the right term. What it does is add a tiny bit more colour to a pale complexion and ‘boosts radiance’ by way of sugar derived from raspberries which reacts with the skin and achieves a golden glow gradually, after a couple of days.

hylamide1It’s a lot more subtle than a fake tan but then it’s not likely to stain or become patchy either plus you’ve got to admit, raspberries sound a lot more palatable than dihydroxyacetone.

It has a few funky sounding ingredients not least a peptide complex which claims to offer a novel approach to skin radiance, in that it ‘creates skin tone confusion.’ Yes, really!

I like the idea that this serum is gently confusing your skin into thinking it’s a slightly different colour rather than smothering it with dye and forcing it to be browner against its will. #teamskin

hylamide pipetteIt comes in their signature bottle and dropper so you could just add a couple of drops to your nightly serum for ease of application.

It’s the kind of thing which will make people (your mother) comment on the fact that you look ‘well’ rather than like you ‘need to wash your face.’ So that is also a bonus.

Enjoy your Friday. x



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