Perfect Leopard


No 1 Leopard botherer, Mossy.

I spent the best part of last year hunting for the perfect leopard.

Throughout my 40 years (ok maybe not for the first 15 of these) this has been a constant quest. And I’d never quite got there.

Either the (faux) fur wasn’t right, the cut was too boxy, the collar wasn’t big enough, it didn’t have pockets OR it had a massive price tag. There was always something wrong with them. Goddammit!

I’d see one I liked, mull it over for a bit, think ‘this will do.’ Until a tiny but deal-breaking detail would erode my ardour in less time than it took George Costanza to find fault with a new girlfriend.

asosleopard1asosleopard2But then I found this one. Yes ASOS again I know. But behold: good peacoat-style cut and large collar, nice colouring of black, brown and sand, almost perfect spotting, pockets (x2) AND nice quality fur. Hurrah!

It was reduced to £42 in a recent sale so keeps selling out, but keep an eye on it as they seem to restock it fairly regularly.

surprise leopardIMG_0978

Have you managed to ensnare your perfect leopard and if so where did you find it?



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<a href=”“>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>Bloglovin


    • Thank you! It was a long search. You’re right animal prints rock! You look great in your profile pic. Will check out your site, have a look at mine too 😘


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