Mummy’s Little Helpers

Feeling tired? Burning the candle at both ends? Distinctly lacking in pep and vim? Me too.

Christ. It’s only Wednesday!

But all is not lost. Here is today’s shoutout to this little duo which are going some way to making hump day much more surmountable.

Today’s thanks be given to Dior Glow Maximiser & Estee Lauder CC Cream.

cc creamFirst up, the CC cream is amazing. As a regular BB cream and tinted moisturiser user, I’ll be honest – this is the first one I’ve tried. But it’s just so flipping clever I can’t quite get my head around it.

CC (colour correcting) is basically a primer with all the plumping and serum-y goodness of a BB but none of the coverage. Instead its gift for you is to even out your skin tone, for the sum of £42 or thereabouts.

So it’s perfect for days when your skin is actually looking good and you don’t want to cover it in enough maquillage to frighten a Robert Palmer video lady.

OR for when you want to look like you’re wearing no make up. #wokeuplikethis

OR if you have post-preg melasma, sun or age spot, broken capillaries or dark circles or any kind of discolouration issues.

IMG_0869The really ingenious bit, which I can’t quite get my head around is that when it comes out of the tube it’s grey but then adapts to your exact skin tone when it’s rubbed in, probably by applying the same ‘Stealth’ technology developed by the US Military.*

CC Cream is really moisturising and rich in hyaluronic which makes it perfect for older skins in particular. Finally it’s very handy if you’re in the habit of wearing fake tan on your face sporadically, because it adjusts to the shade so you don’t have to endure the headache of your tinted cream not matching your newly bronzed visage. So thumbs up on that score, too.

*Sorry, taking a punt here. No idea how it’s done.


BEFORE you stick that on though – use a little of this Dior Glow Maximiser  (£26) even just around the eye area and cheeks which gives you a more subtle effect than a highlighter so perfect for daytime or ‘no makeup make up.’

Hope you’re all having a super Wednesday. If not whack either of these on, better still both and get some of that glow back.



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