I have wanted a tux for ages and turning 40 steeled my resolve to finally get one.

ysl2Ever since Yves Saint Laurent turned fashion on it’s head with his 1966 ‘Le Smoking’ it’s been the go-to evening dress alternative of any woman who wants to look smart, elegant and at the top of her frickin’ game, for a night out. Whereas back in the 60’s Le Smoking caused a stir and was worn only by a few fashion forward A-listers, in 2015 it’s a popular and practical staple in any woman’s wardrobe.

And after all it’s only fair in an era when we have equal pay and equal rights the world over *deadpans to camera*, that we can appropriate some of the best bit of the guys’ wardrobe. Right?

carine1So, if you like me are on the hunt for one – or are a bit miffed that Carine Roitfeld and Uniqlo did not get their shit together to order, like, more than about 50 of the beautiful tuxedos from her new range which I mentioned a couple of weeks ago on Insta (@nowweare40), some good news from our high St BFF, Zara. Yay!


Last week they debuted a similarly luxe looking tux for half the price. Okay so it’s single breasted, while Carine’s is double breasted but this could actually be a bit more flattering anyway? What do you think? The other bonus is that it’s almost half the price at 49.99.  Cause for celebration indeed. Thanks Zara!

(What would we do without them?)



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  1. I love the photo! I have the same one as well wish I could take a picture and show you but it’s an oldie and goodie photo I saved and ripped a while back. Tuxes are so sleek and I love how touch but sleek they make me feel xx


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