Do Yoga With Me

ikeep calmwell not actually me, don’t worry.

It’s the title of my latest favourite online yoga class and I wanted to share it with you.

It’s not always possible to get to a good yoga class, you might too skint, busy or anti-social to want to go and sweat it out with a bunch of lithe strangers. So this is where the at-home option comes into its own.

Online fitness classes have been big for a while, even Tracy Anderson streams her classes online but unlike those – this is free! You don’t even have to sign up, you can watch them free on the website or Youtube channel and there is a huge range of styles, levels, durations of class and special sessions designed for various parts of the body. For instance there’s some really good ones just for neck and shoulders especially for those of you who sit at a computer all day. And a good runner’s one too.

sea1It’s constantly updated so you shouldn’t get bored. My favourite instructor is DYWM’s founder David Procyshyn but all of them are nice & gentle with soothing voices & take their classes in a selection of relaxing outdoorsy environs, parks, beaches and um…some scrubland.

sea3For those of you who demand excellent production values in all online content (and who in hell doesn’t?!) it’s all shot in HD in Vancouver where it is always sunny and there is specially composed relaxy music by local musicians.

parkCrucially, the sessions are also paced really well, the instructions are given ahead of the actual action which gives you time to adjust if you’re not familiar with the pose.

All in all, if you’ve had a stressful day this is a really excellent way to unwind because the combination of ambient soundtrack, lovely locales and super chill Canadian accents will unwind you in no time, lulling you to a nice snooze in corpse pose at the end. Which let’s face it is the bit everyone looks forward to.

doyogawithmeOn top of that they seem like a thoroughly decent bunch of eggs, doing a nice thing for nowt so they deserve some support, go and have a look.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. And, Namaste.



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