What I Wore Today (Sshhh don’t tell)

As much there is a time and place for the  fierce looking ‘What I Wore Today’ post showing off a fresh ensemble, just put together for the school run or the like. (The time is Mon-Fri morning and the place is Instagram, in case you were wondering.)

IMG_0824There is ALSO a place for honesty. And, what I wore today – well it was pyjamas. Outer space pyjamas.

Look, it’s been shit weather and there was plenty of blogging, homework and colouring in to be done. Indoors. (Still need to finish that colouring in, mind.)

So why change out of a perfectly good outfit OR bother with lovely loungewear if you’re only going to get changed for bed later?

space 2

They are nice pyjamas though and a bargain on ASOS although almost sold out so gotta be quick. Space themed nightwear is clearly flying off the shelves.

If you’d like to share what’s on your pyjamas, please feel free. Regardless of that, I hope you’re enjoying your Saturday night! x

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