Cream of the Crop

I’ve never really bothered with eyeshadow. There. I’ve said it. All that blending and brush work, no ta.

Plus my go to eye look is a liner flick or a kohl smudge, so who really needs it when you’ve already got all that going on around your peepers?

Also powder eye shadow gets increasingly hard to wear as you get older, why faff around blending a nice colour around your eyes for an evening out if it’s going to be gathering in creases or sliding down your face before you’ve even got out of the cab to where you’re going.

So, this post is a bit of hurrah for cream eye shadow. A friend gave me this Benefit Bunny Hop Creaseless Cream and I’ve become a bit of a convert.

A cream is much easier to apply, just do it with your finger. The consistency is of course much more moisturising so more flattering on older skin. But I think I would prefer this at any age. The only compromise with a cream vs a powder is, I guess, the intensity of the pigment and the length of time it stays on the eyes, with a cream formulation being more likely to slide off your face.

So with that in mind, I carried out a little experiment. On three separate days I trialled 3 leading cream shadows and evaluated them on four criteria:

1) ease of application, 2) strength of pigment / general appearance when applied.

3) Durability – how long they took to fade or move.* And 4) price – value for money. The prices quoted are also the cheapest I could find for each one, so click through to purchase at that price.

*DISCLAIMER: This experiment was carried out without the aid of an eye primer for added  hardcore back to basics evaluation purposes.

**DISCLAIMER 2 Look it’s 2015 and I’ve only just discovered cream shadow, do I seem like swatchthe kind of woman who even owns an eye primer?!

Here they are  from top down:

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Copper

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Shadow Stick in Goldstone

& Benefit Creaseless Cream shadow in Lana

Here are the findings:

Subject 1: Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Copper (£22)


  1. This comes in crayon form. Appropriately named for childishly simple ease of application. 5 OUT OF 5.
  2. Nice strong pigment. Lovely warm shimmery metallic colour. Looks nice and slick. 5 OUT OF 5
  3. Here’s a draw back. Two hours in it was departing from mes yeux in quite the hurry. Almost none left in fact. So would need topping up with a second application. 3 OUT OF 5.

4. At £22 it’s at the top end of the market. It’s quite a lot for an eyeshadow, no? But quality and packaging nice sooo….3 OUT OF 5.


Subject 2: (the aforementioned) Benefit Creaseless Cream EyeShadow in Lana (£13.80)


  1. This comes in a pot, you just stick your finger in and swipe so pretty easy but then your finger can’t really get the same accuracy as a stick applicator so I’ll mark it down for that. 3 OUT OF 5.

2. Good, substantial levels of pigmentation although the thick consistency leads of a bit of an uneven application with a tendency to clump. (As you can see in the wrist swatch pic above.)

However it has a nice pearlised, luminescent quality so in a light enough shade it can also have a highlighter effect. You could dab it into the inner corners of your sockets to give that illusion of increased space between your eyes. Not your brain, mind. Your eyes. 4 OUT OF 5. (should have 3 but give it an extra mark for the highlighting effect.)

3. It lasted a good 2 and a half hours before seeming diminished in anyway. 4 OUT OF 5.

4. Coming in at under £14 it’s much more competitively priced. 5 OUT OF 5.


Subject 3: Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick (£18.90) Goldstone


  1. It’s another crayon, so like Laura’s Caviar Stick – totally easy and accurate. 5 OUT OF 5.
  2. Good pigmentation, lovely colour quality. Possible a smidge less intense than either of the other 2. But a superior consistency and appearance than Benefit so for this it gets a 4 OUT OF 5.

3. This is where it outperforms the others hands down. I guess the clue is in the name, ‘Long Wear.’ This stayed on way past the 3 / 3 and a half hour mark, despite no primer and a highly moisturised eye area and tinted moisturiser (literally cannot get enough moisture.) This could feasibly last almost an entire evening. If you like to be home and tucked in by 11pm, like me. So, safe to say whatever Bobbi’s formulated this with, she ain’t playin’.  5 OUT OF 5.

4. Just under £19, it’s still pricey but cheaper than Laura Mercier and worth it for the extra long wear aspect, so 4 OUT OF 5.


So Bobbi Brown Longwear is the winner. Well done to her. Am sure she’ll be thrilled.

Do you have a favourite cream shadow,  please share. Especially if anyone has found a decent one under a tenner – that has eluded me so far.

And whether your sporting powder, cream or nothing at all, have a lovely weekend. x

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