Shrug it off

ritaUp until now I’ve shied away from racks of jumpers and tops which seem to end, mystifyingly just below bra level. I hesitate to say that this trend is exclusively for the young, because that’s nonsense. But it’s never seemed either practical (think of the chill on your kidneys!) or aesthetically pleasing. Except maybe on Rita Ora. Who i think actually invented it.

Likewise what is the point of the ‘shrug’ or the ‘bolero’ top? Other than to cover up your arms which I know a lot of women prefer to do.

But you can’t really get excited about any item of clothing which exists merely to cover up a problem area. They kind of belong in the category with smocks, bootcut jeans and wrap dresses. Flattering – maybe, classic –  ok, but interesting? Nah.

shrugAnyway enter the **weird, pointless but sort of beautiful** fashion find of the day!

The Pop on Shrug. Radically reinventing the notion of the shrug by being something you have to ‘pop on’ over your head rather than fasten at the front so gives the appearance of a cropped jumper. Or half a fur jacket worn back to front.

bwshrugI came across this while looking at this website for Hope Fashion which is a label aimed at women over 40. You can order online or arrange to have a pop up event in your house for instance where you get some friends round, drink wine and have a spend up. So kind of like the Jamie Oliver Kitchen thing, but with fairly expensive clothes.

As much as a party where you can get sloshed and try on clothes sounds appealing, I’ve got mixed feelings about this. The website bears testimonials from women who claim this offers them a compromise between the difficulties with ordering online when you can’t try on and the hassle of actually going to the shops and buying stuff. Which is fair enough. Except that you  would be under way more pressure to buy something if you actually at someone’s house with a stylist wafting pieces under your nose. Plus it smacks a bit of ghettoising the over 40’s into a group who cannot be taken seriously while flicking through the racks at Top Shop and must shop at home, where noone can see them. 😦

Having said all that it’s worth a browse, there are some really nice pieces and the women wearing them look great.

What do you think about a label aimed at over 40’s? Plus what do you think of the shrug? Am I mad or is it totally awesome? I like the champagne one. Useless and quite pricey. But cool, right?

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