Got baggage?


Morning! Nothing says middle age like getting a great night’s sleep only to wake up, look in the mirror and marvel at just how tired you look. If you, like me get a bit of under-eye puffiness in the morning I expect you (like me) might be tempted by the huge amount of ‘de-puffing’ eye products on the market.

Some puffiness is hereditary or can be exacerbated by water retention if you’ve eaten anything a bit to salty the night before. (Like several packets of crisps while watching Empire, for instance.)

But mainly it’s because having spent a few hours lying down your lymphatic system has slowed right down due to it’s dependence on gravity and movement and so isn’t draining your fluids as effectively as it does during the day. (Unless you are fortunate enough to be able to sleep standing up – new Mums I’m looking at you!)

Now in an earlier blog I talked about Vichy’s Idealia which promises to give you the appearance of a good night’s sleep even if you haven’t had one and when I actually bothered to check the ingredients I noticed caffeine in there.

Caffeine is supposed to have skin tightening properties but aside from Idealia and Garnier’s eye roller I’ve not used it to any extent.

Can caffeine even penetrate the skin I wondered? Is this a load of guff made up by people who think we’re too stupid to realise that we would need to eat their face creams to actually have the promised effect.

Well it turns out it CAN be absorbed! Have a look at this report from Pub Med

They found that caffeine can penetrate the dermis, even more so than their comparison substance they used – testosterone. Which is interesting because testosterone is frequently applied to the skin in the form of patches, as all of you athletics and running fans will have been aware of recently with all the doping allegations surrounding Nike’s Oregon Project and top coach Alberto Salazar.

So clearly it does have an effect if applied topically. I know a lot of people have espoused the use of coffee grains in body scrubs to tackle cellulite but this has always seemed a bit doubtful. Firstly why would you want to have to clear out your shower tray any more than usual – COFFEE GRAINS EVERYWHERE?! – no thanks. And secondly since cellulite is due to the shape of your fat cells, lowering your body fat via exercise would seem to be the most effective remedy for that. Or just putting up with it. As long as you don’t have to expose your bum and legs on a daily basis, it’s not really that much of a problem is it?

Back to the study’s findings – it does seem that due to the amount of milligrams in, say, an actual cup of coffee you may well be better off necking a double espresso than forking out for one of these creams. But maybe there is a logic in applying it straight to the area in question. What do you all think? I’m open minded.


coffeecreamcoffee bean eye creamIf you’re doubtful or don’t want to splash the cash, there are some other, way cheaper options which as a long time ‘sufferer’ I’ve found work.

1) Do some exercise first thing. As soon as you get up. Or even before you get up. (!!)

2) Drink a nice strong coffee. (Mine quite often improves after my morning cup of Joe.)

3) Massage. Press gently with your ring finger along the under eye area from the inner to outer corner several times, or use this method to put on your eye cream.

4) Rub an ice cube over the area. This does have an immediate tightening and glow inducing effect. Hell, rub it all over your face and concentrate on the lymph areas (behind the ears especially. This is a good one if you’ve ever had a big night and tiny amount of sleep and need to look your best first thing. You could even make ice -cubes out of coffee? Or green tea – a favourite of make-up artist Lisa Eldridge. Although watch out with this last one, if you have other people accessing your freezer. An ice-cube tray containing green tea does look like you’re freezing your own urine 😦 BUSTED!

5) Hide till lunchtime. Or wear large a large pair of glasses if you have to leave the house. In fact, do that anyway. Because you are a STAR, goddammit!

Anyway hope you’re all having a lovely Wednesday, eyebags notwithstanding. 🙂

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