AlphaH – Liquid Gold


Am a bit late to the liquid exfoliant party (it is a party, right?) So have only been using this for a couple of nights so far. I’ll post a more detailed blog in a few weeks when it’s had a chance to work it’s magic, or not.

The main ingredient is glycolic acid, derived from sugar cane which is supposed to get rid of dead skin cells, lower the skin’s pH to stimulate cell repair renewal and help synthesise elastin and collagen.

Sounds pretty good? It’s early days for me, all I know is it’s very satisfying to use a product which you can feel working instantly. After a gentle swipe with some cotton pads, there is an instant tingle. And that can’t be a bad thing :-0 I think I just have to resist the temptation to be too gung-ho and slather it on. They do stipulate that, as with retinols, you use a sunscreen as it will sensitise your skin somewhat. So caution recommended.

Do you use a glycolic or an AHA or any other resurfacers – how have you found them?

Let me know!

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  1. Can’t wait to see what you think. It really delivers awesome results. I’m using the bha exfoliant by Paula’s choice and when I finish that one , I’ll start using the one by Drunk Elephant. It’s ingredient list is amazing !! X


      • Yes you can ! I think it’s ok if it’s a good formula that uses several chemical exfoliants. I like bha because it penetrates pores and is amazing at preventing blackheads, clogged pores… But I’ll be going back to an exfoliant that incorporates bha and aha in their formula just because I like a good all-rounder. They work well together when well formulated ( not too strong ) . Xx


      • Sounds good, the drunk elephant one has both doesn’t it? V excited to try this…am expecting to be transformed by the time I finish the bottle 😋 x

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