Cold Comfort

It may be stating the bleedin’ obvious but when it comes to covering up on a chilly morning – you cannot beat a long wool coat. It’s become my go to, first thing comfort blanket, even edging out my trusty parka.

When I mean long, it’s got to hang below the knee for premium draft exclusion and ideally have a belt for added cosiness.

inavyIMG_0638I love my Top Shop Wool coat in Navy which is perfect for a nippy school run or early
morning errand, mainly because you can pop it on over your pyjamas and still look like you’ve totally got your shit together. #winning

arthurThis season ‘belted robe coats’ definitely seem to be a thing and this is awesome because it’s basically the on trend equivalent of kickin’ it in a dressing gown a la Arthur Dent from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Most of the high street shops have several options, have a look at these lovelies.

Zara                     TopShop                Marks and Spencer      Uniqlo

zara coatblue topshopmarksuniqlo

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