Top Bun

Soon…half up top knots are ‘so hot right now’ but..not sure.

 What do we think? Handy for growing out fringe type situs, which I am. Plus us shorter haired gals get to have that vital top knot experience without the aid of a whole packet of kirby grips. So that’s also a plus.

Going to try it out today, might have trouble getting my hat on tho 😧

Hope you’re having a good Saturday! x

**UPDATE: I’ve worn my hair like this quite a bit now and have noticed when you let it down it creates quite the bouffe look. So if you want a bit of a lift at the crown then maybe do a top bun going to bed and when you wake up, voila!**

**UPDATE 2: This is an evolving story, people. The style is now officially a thing. With a  name and everything. It is ‘The Hun’!! Marvellous.


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