Sleep is for Wimps

After a couple of nights of rather poor sleep I am bit zzzz and running only on coffee. Despite this I haven’t been waking up looking too frightening, so thought I would give this nice little product a shout out. IMG_0543

Vichy’s Idealia Skin Sleep is a lovely night treatment which you could use after serum and under a richer cream although you probably wouldn’t need the cream. Maybe just whack some on your neck which can always use the extra pile on of gunk.

It suits all skin types plus it smells lovely and the packaging is pretty, even including a mirrored lid which is a nice touch.

It spreads v easily due to the gel-like consistency so you don’t need much. Unlike a lot of other, thicker hydrating night treatments it sinks in very quickly so you won’t lose most of it all over your pillowcase, but there is still a nicely detectable sheen of residue in the morning.

It retails around the £25 mark for 50ml. Check out Vichy Idealia for a full list of ingredients, it’s paraben free but does contain some silicon, some salicylic acid (hence the morning glow) hyaluronate and glycerine for hydration of course and um…caffiene (?!)

Hang on – is this why I haven’t been sleeping? God damn you Vichy! Oh well who needs it, if your skin looks ok. There aren’t enough hours in the day as it is.

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