The Eyes have it…

Morning! Managed to restock on a new favourite product yesterday and wanted to share it with you.

Has anyone else tried stuff from the Hylamide range? I’m finding it to be highly impressive given the mid-range price. I bought the Sub Q anti-age serum a few months ago and decided to use it in tandem with the eye serum as this is a key problem area for me and I guess a lot of women of my age.

My main issue is the lack of taughtness around the eye area and generally dehydrated skin so this promises to tackle both of those with some peptides and retino-complex peptides (gentler than a retinol.)

It also contains a *puts teeth in* ‘Fluorinated perfluorocarbon complex’ which it claims tightens the under eye area and after getting through one bottle in about 5/6 weeks I’ve definitely noticed a difference.

However it also has ingredients specifically designed to tackle dark circles and sagging upper lids so I’d be interested to know if anyone has had good results with these issues…if so we might have found a comprehensive eye area wonder product. *fanfare*

Hylamide products range from £25-£30 upwards so are at the top end of mid-range but they do last a good few weeks of twice daily use and contain quality ingredients so are pretty good value.

Only downside is the sciencey-esque pipette business which can mean a bit of wastage. A pump option would be preferable.

Let me know if you’ve tried this and what results you’ve had. I’ve tried a lot of eye products and I think this might be the one! 😍

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    • It’s such a good range, Deciem are doing some interesting stuff. I know there’s a lot of eye guff on the market but on my 3rd bottle and I think it really does make a difference x


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