In praise of: STROBING

I have recently been reunited with one of my favourite products, after the last tube was judiciously confiscated by security at Gatwick Airport. Yesterday I popped into the excellent new MAC in Fouberts Place, Carnaby Street (which now resembles a coffee bar / nightclub but lovely and super friendly staff) and snaffled up a fresh new tube. 

Apparently though, ‘Strobing’ aka highlighting is a now a bona fide thing. According to Pinterest it’s now the preferred technique du jour, wrestling the controversial contouring, beloved by the Kardashians, from the top spot. strobingAnd no offence to contouring fans, it’s certainly a clever and transformative thing but a) I can’t be bothered because am v lazy and b) I don’t mind my face looking like my face. (Within reason.) Highlighting / strobing is dead easy just apply the product of your choice – maybe one of these guys strobing products( see pic on right) to cheekbones and maybe forehead / bridge of nose for an instant dewy freshness. Go easy though. I speak as a veteran of highlighter products – thinking back to the very early noughties my friends and I slathered that first ever Lancome gold highlighter* on, prior to the office Christmas party thinking we’d look like Natalie Imbruglia – only to have a concerned male colleague ask whether someone had spat in our faces en route. 😦

Do you have a favourite strobing product? I’ve only really tried Mac Strobe & Benefit High Beam, anyone tried the NARS one? Let me know!

Hope you’re having a lovely day! x

*No I can’t remember what it was called, it was 15 years ago and frankly a lot has happened since then but if you have a better memory  please let me know it’s kind of bugging me now.


  1. Yes , I agree with you. Strobing over contouring any.time. ( though I do own that small contouring palette by Nars – but it’s so simple it’s hardly Anastasia Beverly Hills type of contouring ) . I’ve tried the Nars and I like it though I would say becca is so much better cause they have choices. They have the same version in liquid form,powder or cream. So .. Spoilt for choice. The highlighter I’ve been using non stop recently is by Laura mercier. Called matte radiance baked powder highlighter in #01. Gorgeous and hard to get over-do it. Though if you tried hard enough, you may still look like someone spat on your face. Lol


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