Aran Knits

aran 2I’ll come clean – I’m obsessed with knitwear. Expect a lot of jumpers. A LOT.

This is probably due to ‘feeling the cold’ – bad circulation? And my Mum working in a wool shop when I was little. Even though I can’t knit to save my life I still love a good wool shop, mooching round, squeezing and prodding the brightly coloured balls of woolly delight. (Just me?)
aran 4

aran 3

I’ve always been partial to an aran knit but have not owned once since childhood. (Think I teamed it with a red tartan skirt, aged 7 :-0 but luckily there is no photographic evidence of this.)

Despite having no knitting skills, praise be for British high street has totally upped it’s knitwear game, due largely (I think) to the success of Scandi TV dramas and it’s amazing array of enigmatic female heroines and their quality covetable knitwear.

lund 1Trine

IMG_0353I’ve long been looking for a machine washable, non scratchy Aran and recently found this:

IMG_0401It’s £39.99 here at  H&M  so a lot more than their usual bargain knitwear but seems a really nice quality and super warm. Not sure about the neckline though – should really be a classic crew if you ask me, this is more half -hearted turtle.

I’m wearing it with blue Nudie skinniesIMG_0354 but I like the way H&M have teamed it with black leather which edges up what is essentially a cosy comfort blanket of a top.

aran 5

How do you wear yours? Let me know and please alert me to any lovely knits either here or stick ’em on my Pinterest @Nowweare40

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