How many Breton tops is too many Breton tops?


An unanswerable question. Many have tried. Coco Chanel had 43.* I used to have a lot more and most have found their way to the Oxfam shop but now I am running a lean 2- Breton operation. Okay so I want a 3 quarter length sleeve, slightly boxy or flared at the waist but fitted on the shoulders and this one from Mango does the trick. They’re pretty fitted so if you want a bit more structure like I did buy a much larger size. It’s a bit baggier round the neck than I would like but hey that’s nothing a naughty 60 degree wash won’t fix 😉


Check out Mango – this one was £24.99 but they have a sale on at the moment. Plus you can get it in grey and white.

Still searching for inspiration? Have a look at this scholarly survey by Stylist Magazine

Stylist guide to the ultimate Breton top who have scoured the high street for the best on offer. Happy hunting.

*totally made up fact, sorry.


  1. I love stripes. I have a ton. Some for fall/winter and others for spring/summer. they will never go out of style and you look out together in 5 seconds flat!


    • I agree, they’re classic but there something quite cheerful and youthful about them too – maybe because we dress little kids in them? Plus they can be dressed up or down. A staple!


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