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Those of you familiar with H&M’s slightly edgier younger sister brand ‘And Other Stories’ will no doubt have bought at least one thing in the competitively priced and beautifully packaged beauty department.

Even their scents are impressive given an average price of around £20 and emphasis on few but good quality ingredients (blog post on that coming soon) but today is all about the polish.

Having tried pretty much every brand out there, Stories polish wins hands down. Huge range of colours, intense pigmentation, wide flat brush makes it easy to apply, lovely consistency and it lasts! I usually have a 24 hour window with nail polish – by then there’s at least one chip or flake but this stuff can go for at least 3 days.

This really is the quality of an Essie or a Butter type polish at half the price.

stories 2Current faves at the moment are the lovely dark fruity red ‘Miniver Wine’ and rich sludgy sage ‘Ajour Green’ both very seasonal.

Only 2 draw backs at the moment. One is that you can’t seem to buy it on their website

And Other Stories

so if you’re not near a shop – hard luck.

The other is that I can’t find a list of ingredients anywhere but I have contacted them and requested one. Many major brands have recently banned the toxic trio of : dibutyl phthalate, toluene, and formaldehyde but now it turns out there’s another thing to worry about. It’s called TPHP and could be a serious problem as it’s been shown to be absorbed into our bloodstreams by being applied to the nail. Check out this article if you want to find out more.

These Brands Contain a chemical which could mess with your hormones

But let’s hope these lovely little pots don’t contain any of those nasties – I’ll update this article when I get more info.

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