Skin Food

IMG_0277Now that Autumn is well and truly upon us I’ve just purchased some of this as a counter measure for the dryness caused by central heating (yes it’s on already!) Weleda recommend this for super dry skin on hands and elbows etc but sod that, at £9.95 for 75ml it’s going straight on my face and so far,  so good. It’s the kind of cream you could stick on as a base if going between heated indoors and cold weather outside because it absorbs quickly, unlike say Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour cream. A friend popped round for coffee on a rainy morning recently and I started dabbing at her face thinking she’d come off worse in the downpour – no it was just 8 Hour cream. 😦 Equally,  you could use Skin Food as a night cream. Like all this organic plant based stuff (Dr Hauschka, Jurlique) it smells delicious – a delicate mix of wild pansy, chamomile, calendula, sweet orange and lavandulae in an organic sunflower seed oil base and was a backstage staple for the models at London Fashion week. According to Weleda’s website, celeb beauties such as Adele, Alexa and um…Alan Titchmarsh are big fans. Whether it’s any more effective than my usual cheapo faves acqueous cream or vaseline (Joan Collin’s) remains to be seen, but it feels and smells a lot more special.   What’s your cold weather goopy face treat? Let me know.

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