Hello (again)

https://www.youtube.com/embed/YQHsXMglC9A“>Adele ‘Hello’

Friday 23rd October – a day of tears. Wondered why everyone around you is red-eyed and snot stained? It’s Adele’s new single of course!

Pay no mind to the Twitter bores complaining of the fact that it’s a ‘big ballad’ – it’s Adele you morons. She’s not going to save the music industry with a 12 hour jazz dubstep mixtape. That’s like expecting Batman to turn up to a fight with a white sage smudge stick and a yoga mat instead of the Batmobile. Plus a woman who has shifted 30 million albums can afford to stick to the ‘ain’t broke don’t fix it’ maxim at least for the debut single. I mean, give her a chance.

There’s already a big departure from ’19’ and ’21’ namely the absence of producer Paul Epworth, co-write and producing credits on this track courtesy of one of ma faves, Greg Kurstin. (If you haven’t heard Tegan and Sara’s ‘Hearthrob’ album – download immediately!) But many exciting rumours are swirling about other people who may have contributed; Pharrell, Damon Albarn, Skrillex, Bruno Mars, Danger Mouse and Phil Collins!*

The video is also quite nice and autumnal with Adele wearing a big coat, rocking up at some big old pile and trying to call her ex boyfriend. When she can’t get through she goes out for a walk but gets involved in a right old gale which almost ruins her hair. Luckily the coat looks pretty warm. So that’s alright.

The album ’25’ is out on Nov 20th.

*I made one of these up

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