Boost your stride

I had to get a new pair of running shoes recently and after a few years of going to a specialist shop, having my gait analysed and leaving over £100 quid lighter, I decided to capitalise on internet sales and got a a pair of these for less that £60.

They’re the slightly older Adidas Boost show (hence the reduction) Adidas have introduced a more recent ‘Ultra’ Boost but both versions are claimed to be their best ever running shoe thanks to the ‘groundbreaking’ BOOST technology – basically a new development in sole cushioning.

Their website says that Boost (TM) “provides more energy return than any other foam cushioning material in the running industry, combining soft comfort with responsive energy for the ultimate running experience.”

Roughly translated this means that your legs are supposed to spring back from the impact of hitting the pavement like the pins of a 25 year old track star. (Or something like that.) A bold claim indeed.

I’ve got to say I wasn’t massively taken with them at first. The Boost sole resembles the stuff they make polystyrene cups from (this is probably what it is) and it felt a little stiff and flimsy rather than light and expensively techy.

Another of the apparent USPs is that they are the lightest shoe on the market, which will give you that ‘Jo Pavey’ edge in Saturday morning’s 5k Park Run against the serious types from the running club. I’m not sure they feel any lighter than the Nike Air Pegasus (my previous and beloved) but maybe someone with an accurate pair of scales could look into this?

Having said all that, I’ve yet to wear them in and have been pretty slack on the running front lately. As soon as I’ve typed this I am off to trial them on a wet and muddy 10k and see if my legs feel any perkier than usual. I’ll make sure I revise this blog with more glowing praise when they take me across the line in under 1hr 45 min in my next half marathon in Feb 2016. Promise.

Also whether they are the ‘best running shoe ever’ or not, there’s no denying they are a gorgeous fashion trainer. They will certainly look a lot nicer with your jeans than your Asics Kayanos – particularly this model – the pink and red ‘Grete 30’ named after nine-time NYC marathon winner Grete Waitz who originally launched her own shoe 31 years ago after her silver medal at the 1984 Olympics.

And what an Olympics that was for women’s running – hands up who remembers watching Zola Budd taking out Mary Decker in the 3000m shocker!

Anyhow, I will now prise myself away from the laptop and put them through their paces. But in the meantime what’s your favourite running shoe? Have you tried Boost and did it make any difference?

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