A Tale of Two Tracys


I was moaning to a pilates teacher about the lack of availability and cost of attending a regular class and she told me to buy Tracy Anderson’s Mat Workout dvd and do that instead because (and I quote) ‘that’s what WE all do’ :-0

Tracy Anderson Method

Well that was almost seven years ago and reader – I haven’t looked back.

I firmly believe Tracy A is the don of home fitness and her ‘method’ which is basically….

a) using accessory muscles to support the larger ones

b) varying movements with low resistance but high reps

c) flapping your arms and hands around like a traffic cop with jazz hands

…really does work. And Gwyneth, Shakira and every lithe Hollywood A-lister would agree with me. Hell, even Lena Dunham has got TA on speed dial since she started her bid for world domination.

At the very least TAM helped tone me up after the birth of my son (and roughly a decade of sitting on my arse guzzling cake and wine.) So props to her for that.

BUT while searching for some new Tracy routines on Youtube (please forgive me but I can’t really afford the £100 odd for ‘Metamorphosis’ or the TAM online classes which are more expensive than monthly gym membership) I came across another fitness trainer doing a quite similar thing.

Accessory muscles : check! 2/3lb weights so you don’t bulk up: check! Standing Abs: check! Flappy flappy hands: check! Long blonde tresses: check!

Introducing Tracy ….Campoli! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Mm42ipb1sI


At first – not going to lie – I was a little put out. Who was this imposter, nicking TA’s schtick? WHO SHE THINK SHE IS?

But I gave her a go. After all,  maybe there were some even more obscure accessory muscles (accessorizing the existing accessory muscles which by now are so developed they’ve been promoted to the main muscle group?) which this Brave New Tracy could unearth?

And she’s really grown on me. The main criticism of people new to TAM is that she gives very little instruction but TC chats aplenty so it’s very easy to follow, even if you’re new to pilates. And better still, she really is quite a laugh -often cracking up in the middle of a routine with the rare self-awareness of a woman who realises that flapping your arms around on camera then posting it on the internet is inherently ridiculous. I particularly like the tricep curls which she likens to serving trays ‘in da club.’ Basically she does a lot of the same stuff but is, dare I say it, a bit more fun.

And TAM wouldn’t mind. She even stipulates you vary the exercises as much as possible so you keep developing and don’t plateau. So maybe you can change up your Tracy’s once in a while too. I reckon there’s enough room for the both of them.

Tracy Campoli

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